Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science

Volume II - Issue No. 4       (Oct-Dec.2013) ISSN 2277-2219

Table of Contents


Bibliometric Analysis of Source Wise Research Productivity on Fish and Fishing Industry Global Level

R. Ponnudurai and  M. A. Shabu                                                                  173-177

Use and Opinion on Digital Information Sources and Service by the Users of Self Financing Engineering Institutions in Thiruvallur District (India)

R. Amsavalli  and R. Ramesh                                                                       178-182

Engineering College Libraries in Maharashtra State with Special Reference to Human Resources

Santosh Dnyanobarao Kadam                                                                       183-191

Indian Research Output on alaria: A BibliomMetric Study using ScopDaus ta Base

M.Meena and M.Nagarajan                                                                           192-196

Resurrecting the Library Profession: Digital Competencies for Librarians

S.Gopalakrishnan and P.Ramkumar                                                             197-201

Research Trends in Physics: A Scientometric Study of Publication Productivity, Authorship Patterns and Channels of Communications of Physics Nobel Laureate – YoichiroNambu

Mariraj Vasudev Sedam and Keshava                                                           202-208

Utilization of Electronic Resources by the Students of Engineering Colleges in Kanchipuram District: A Study

G.Jayanthi and T.Saravanan                                                                          209-213

Citation of Research Literature Output on Smart Card Technology: A Scientometric Study

S.Raja                                                                                                            214-220

Mapping of Green Chemistry Research in India: A Scientometric Analysis

C.Ranganathan and R.Balasubramani                                                              221-229

University Library Websites in Kerala: An Analysis (Web Survey)

V.S.Swapna and A.T.Francis                                                                           230-235

Growth of Literature on Climate Change Research: A Scientometric Study           236-242

M. Venkatesan, S.  Gopalakrishnan and D.  Gnanasekaran

Performance Measurement in University Libraries of Tamil Nadu: A Study

N. Thenmozhi and S.  Gopalakrishnan                                                            243-250

Indian Literature Output on Textile Research: A Scientometric Study

L. Ashok Kumar and S. Gopalakrishnan                                                       251-258

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