Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science

Volume V - Issue No. 2       (April-June. 2016) ISSN 2277-2219

Table of Contents


A Study on the Usage of Web Resources and Services by Faculty Members of Engineering and Technology Institutions in Tamil Nadu

T. Elanchezhiyan and P. Ravichandran                                                          107-111

Curriculum and Perception Requirement in the Library and Information Science Education in Tamilnadu Universities: A Pragmatic Study

N. Thasleem Arief  and  P. Ravichandran                                                      112-116

Use of E-resources by the students of Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD) Engineering College Libraries in Kerala

K.Deepa    and Asha                                                                                       117-123

Research Publication Output in ‘Nuclear Physics’: A Scientometric Analysis

B. Jeyamala and P. Balasubramainan                                                          124-131

Mapping of Scientific Literature Published in Natural Hazards (2005-2014): A Web of Science Based Bibliometric Analysis

Shankar Reddy Kolle                                                                                      132-138

Role of ICT on Information Seeking By Users in Higher Educational Institutions

A.P.Shanmugam  Formerly Known As  P.Shanmugamoorthy                       139-143

Indiana Law Journal (2000-2015): A Web of Science based Bibliometric Analysis 

Shankar Reddy Kolle                                                                                      144-148

Planning Library Services in Vinayaka  Mission’s University, Salem

A.P.Shanmugam  formerly known as  P.Shanmugamoorthy                          149-156

Attitudes of Research Scholars on the Use of Social Networking Sites

               Anand Y. Kenchakkanavar and Gururaj S. Hadagali                                     157-164

Bibliometric Analysis of IASLIC Bulletin during 2006-2015

Parameshwar S,                                                                                              165-169

Growth of Literature in Pollution Control Research Output during 1985–2014:A Scientometric Study

Vivekanandhan S, Sivasamy K and Bathri Narayanan AL                               165-178

 Assessment of Chemical Engineering research output using Scientometric Indicators: A comparative study of India and South Korea during 2011-2015

Chaman Sab, M, Dharani Kumar P and B. S. Biradar                                      179-186

Use of Electronic Information Resources by the Faculty Members of Science Departments in Shivaji University, Kolhapur: A Critical Analysis

Ronald Bituka, B.D Kumbar and Gururaj S. Hadagali                                    187-192

 A study on Job satisfaction among Library Professionals in Educational Institutions

K.Murugan                                                                                                           193-196

A Study on College Library Websites as Resource Centre with Reference to Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu

                 P. Subbulakshmi & S. Manivannan                                                                   197-203

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