Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science

Volume XIII- Issue No. 1       (January-March. 2024) ISSN 2277-2219

Table of Contents


Information Literacy Programmes (ILPs) in Aided Science Degree Colleges in Karnataka State: Librarians’ Perspectives              Preeti S Patil,  B. D. Kumbar  and Gururaj  S Hadagali                      01-06

Understand the Past to Envision the Future: Migration to O.S.S. –from A Practitioner’s Perspective                                                   Moorttimatee Samantaray                                                                  07-16

Trends and Challenges in the Utilization of Web-Based Repositories for the Academic Colleges in the Chennai District                     Arul Jothi  P and Velmurugan  C                                                     17-22

Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Boon Or Bane?                                                                                                                                     A.Vellaichamy                                                                                      23-26

Accelerating Library Performance through Information Audit-An Overview                                                                                                         Vijesh P.V, Anitha B, Rajesh Patel and N K Nikhil                       27-35

Quality of Library and Information Services in College Libraries: A Study                                                                                               Savitha K and  Mallinath Kumbar                                                               36-45

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