Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science

Volume XII- Issue No. 4       (Oct-Dec. 2023) ISSN 2277-2219

Table of Contents


Exploring the Artificial Intelligence Tools: Realizing the Advantages in Education and Research                                                     Anand Y. Kenchakkanavar                                                                              218-224

Efficient Acquisition Strategies For Library Material in the SKUAST-K Library System                                                                            Asifa Jan and Umear Amin Lala                                                                  225-231

Preservation and Conservation in Digital Library                                                                                                                                     Jagruti J. GhareRajaram V. Kapadi, Heena A. Bavaskar and Anuja A. Kastikar     232-238

A Study on Social Networking Sites among the UG Students of Shri. L. K. Khot College of Commerce, Sankeshwar                          Kantappa Chavan, Satishkumar Naikar, Gourishankar Chigari and Shashikumar Hatti      239-243

Unveiling the Scholarly Output on Hypertension in Saudi Arabia: A Bibliometric and Systematic Appraisal                                          Mohamed Idhris, Abdurahiman Pattukuthu, Spurgeon Anandraj Samuel, Manuelraj Peter, Mothafar Anwar Abd Elrahim, Mohammed Barkath Ali, Anand Pandiyarajan, Adel Ismael Hamza Mohamed, and Abdul Jaleel Pottachola                                        244-251

Enhancing Information Literacy Competencies  among the UG Students: A Survey                                                                                  Preeti S Patil, B.D.Kumbar and Gururaj S Hadagali                            252-257

IT Skills for LIS Professionals in the Modern Context                                                                                                                                       Laxmi Yallappa Kamble                                                                 258-262

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